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We expose these activities to a new group of travelers.

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Yep, it's free!

Free & easy setup is free, easy-to-use platform that will let you sell activities, including the ability to add your own activities, tours and trips. Don't think about it, just use it.

We make you money

All you need to do is put your content on our platform en we sell your activities. We will do the marketing. We both profit from it!

Very simple pre-booking system

You can manage availability and accept your bookings online, mobile or offline, we automate payments and invoices. We Secure payments at the time of booking. You can help you to do your business in one place!

Search engine optimized

Through years of experience and smart marketing techniques we are able to grow organic search potential. We will be found in the longtail.

Real-time statistics

We give you the tools to have insights in your actual analytics and sales reports, we sent automated reminders for every single booking made through our system.

Free brand positioning

We make it possible to promote your company with your own brand. So for the customers it's also clear who there are dealing with. We like to have an open approach and keep it simple and clear!